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500 Words English Essay
As a dedicated historicist, I often expound on the unfathomable power of history that is far beyond mankind’s influence. This is what Sun Yat-Sen meant when he said that a world tide is moving forward with unstoppable might, and those moving with the current will see prosperity, while those going against it will plunge to their doom. Nevertheless, the problem is how we, mankind, can understand accurately the progress of history and know where it is heading.
It appears that even though there are imperfections in some places, they are harmless to the overall situation. Therefore, some people proclaim a song about the termination of the history. However, actually human society has entered an unprecedented era with abundance of material possessions and resources, but it is also an era having profound hidden spiritual crises. For many people, there is only one god in the world with the name capital, and one religion named fetishism. Nonetheless, they barely seem to realize the undercurrent that is surging beneath the serene facade.
During this universally commercial age, many of the major movements of the past are becoming worthless. That which is noble-minded in people’s souls has been neglected by their apotheosis of material comfort and prosperity. If we can say there is something spiritual in the literary world, it is the collection of opuses about love. Even so, increasing commercialized speculation and publicity have caused what was originally pure to become impure and defiled. Hence, I hit upon the idea of freeing the truth concealed deeply in people’s nature while guiding them persuasively, patiently and systematically to what they should pay more attention to.
With much consideration, my novel “Destiny of History” was born. Correspondingly, it is a spiritual manuscript with the objective to reflect on the state of humanity, document the process through which spirits have been refined by pain and history, and, finally, examine how those forces can distill and ennoble life. Efforts were made to understand the intertwining impacts of western waves and the momentum of two thousand years of history upon China. Two thousand years of mental shackles versus less than two hundred years of new-age social transformation. Can China’s reform break the bottleneck of this dilemma? Similarly, can it resist the expansion of fetishism in the rest of the world?
In fact, whenever history is pushed forward, mankind will face whole-new setbacks. Nevertheless, causes of these hindrances have been foreshadowed a long time ago. Then, is history a mirror that can reflect the vicissitudes of life? But, why did people, perplexed and bewildered, have to pay heavily for its progress or even a tiny portion of it. Therefore, It’s also a historical book that delves into discovering the logic about how history evolves from which we can see through its mists, envision our future, and tackle difficulties we are facing.

We, mankind, have redeemed ourselves many times by learning from both within and without. And, so it will be in our current era. We have reasons to believe!


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