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500 Words English Essay
On the Common Application form, I filled in English as my second language. But in fact, before I started to learn English, I already mastered a second language. However, if I put it into the form, probably everyone except me would think I am nuts. The answer is right that they will see a totally irrelevant word – figure.
In most people’s eyes, a figure is an exquisite graphics consisting of lines and representing aesthetic images. Nevertheless, when we observe and reflect on it in depth, we may discover it is actually conveying a kind of information just like a language. Figure’s “language” is different from those that involve the vibration of the vocal cords, the air and the eardrum. It doesn’t require voice to pass on information. Therefore, it transcends language barriers and boundaries.
Many times, I prefer spending two hours watching the sky, daydreaming, to wasting time shooting the breeze with friends. However, my quietness is also a strong point of mine. This attribute enables me to rivet my attention on one matter for a long time without feeling tired. I could gaze at a perfect circle for hours, pondering over what it was telling me. So a quiet nature gives me more time to meditate.
I was always crazy about a figure made from a paper belt. My memory of that incident is crystal clear in my mind. After my description, you probably will have a whole new attitude toward figures. Let’s perform a small experiment now. First prepare a paper belt. Stick its two ends together with one end up-side-down. At this time, you will find it’s a twisted figure. Choose a starting point on the figure and label it with a black pen. From this point, draw a line along the belt until the end-point coincides with the starting point. Next, detach the belt from where its ends were jointed. Then we will find surprisingly there is a black line on both sides of the belt.
After the transformation of the figure, two originally contrary surfaces are integrated together. And you cannot discriminate the front from the back. So if we draw inferences about other cases from one instance, does it mean there aren’t absolutely opposite matters in the universe? For example, in certain circumstance the South Pole and the North Pole will be unified into similar poles; and at the end of infinite there is the beginning of infinitesimal. Simply speaking, maybe one day when we march toward the ultimate margin of the universe, we may find we are on an isolated island on the Atlantic Ocean.
Because of my limitations, I cannot yet fully elucidate my fancy idea. But I am sure during my silent communication with figures what I have discovered is far beyond esthetic beauty. Figure “language” may not be as popular as English. But to a boy who loves figures, they are in every corner of his life. They stimulate my boundless imagination and curiosity. They also shape me into a creative, energetic and thoughtful young man who is pursuing his life's dream in intricate and complex lines.

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