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Essay Writing Tips from PhDs (1.k)
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Essay Writing Tips from Professional Writers with PhD Degrees
1. What is an Essay
k. The Evaluation Essay
The aim of the evaluation essay is to give your opinion on the article, book or other material you have read and criticize it if you completely disagree with the mentioned above or only to some extent.

The main functions of your essay are:

  • To analyze the material you were given as a source;
  • To criticize the argument it presents;
  • To state your opinion or to contribute to the existing one and give necessary arguments and show that they are trustworthy.

Evaluation essay is an assignment that requires research, analysis and a lot of patience. If you are going to present an opinion that will be completely different from that stated in the material, you will need an adequate convincing proof. In the intro you explain the evaluation matter given in the source. Thus the intended reader will get the idea what you are going to evaluate.

Formulating your thesis statement, present various approaches to the problem.

The main body should provide analysis of the source and additional information to prepare the background for your judgement. Make sure that your statements are complete and convincing. Every point of disagreement should be supported by a coherent chain of evidence. It may be a good idea to establish a plan on how are you going to develop your ideas concerning the problem. Make a chain of facts you are going to include in your essay and develop each of them in a separate paragraph.

Conclusion should summarize and develop a good solution for the problem under discussion. It is the most significant part of your essay and be ready that it will be treated very sceptically. Make sure you have written powerful and strong conclusion to leave any shadow of doubts.

Make sure to proofread your essay for a couple of times. Along with searching for spelling, grammar and other types of mistakes, think over the plot itself:

  • Isn't it contradictory?
  • Is the topic fully covered?
  • Do the facts I give look trustworthy?
  • Do I sound convincing?
  • Is my language bright enough?
  • Does the essay I wrote correspond to the format I was given?
  • If I were an intended writer, would I be convinced with this essay?
After doing all the mentioned above, you can be sure that your essay is successfully written.

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