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Essay Writing Tips from PhDs (7.e)
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Essay Writing Tips from Professional Writers with PhD Degrees
7. Capitalization
e.  Possessive Pronoun and Apostrophe
Possessive pronouns already indicate possession/ ownership, that is why they do not need apostrophes:

My essay – essay belonging to me/ essay written by me.
That computer is mine - that computer belongs to me.

As you can see from these simple examples possessive pronouns have two forms: my/ mine. The possessive pronoun “my” is a dependent form, used to modify nouns. The form is called a conjoint form as the pronoun always comes before a noun. The possessive pronoun “mine” is used independently, without a noun that is why this form is defined as absolute.

Conjoint form Absolute form
my mine
your yours
his his
her hers
Its its
our ours
their theirs
MIND: it’s and its have absolutely different meanings. Look at these examples:

It’s a great opportunity for you. Do not miss it. (Here it’s = contraction for it is)

The puppy is hungry, put some food in its bowl. (its bowl= bowl belonging to the puppy).

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