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海戴金牌留学文书写作编辑所撰写的PS个人陈述范文/Personal Statement 范文

Personal Statement

      Mystified by people who reached the zenith of their career at a young age, I have longed to become one of them since my childhood. After eighteen years of cherishing this never-withering dream, I have often pondered what kind of qualities and beliefs contributed to their success. Even though there are answers in books, I would very much like to find out the truth by my own experience. I believe wit once bought is worth twice taught; and I can bootstrap my way up to the pinnacle of my profession. At that moment, fortune smiled on me.

      In my sophomore year, as soon as I heard the University planned to select three students from a pool of more than twenty thousand candidates for an exchange program with Western Kentucky University, America, I realized it would be a perfect opportunity for me to widen my horizon and to enrich my knowledge. Even though the selection criteria were very stringent and demanded students not only to have outstanding academic performance and to speak fluent English, it also required the candidate to have independence and abilities to organize, dispose and coordinate complex affairs, and to be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties. I was opted for attending the final interview after a series of selective trials.

      Then I was ruled out for I didn't have the English Certificate stipulated. When I heard that, I was very disappointed. Should I allow the stereotype to ruin the opportunity around the corner? At that moment, my high school headmaster's words came to me: “opportunity knocks on the door softly”. For my dreams, I must fight hard and prove my strength to the appraisal panel. Because of my persistent requests, I finally gained an opportunity, persuaded the examiners by my idiomatic and fluent English, and became one of the three winners.

      In retrospect, I have learned that even though extraordinary personal qualities are key factors contributing to my abilities to organize various large scale activities at the University and Western Kentucky University, keen perception and clear vision to asses the potential for opportunities are also very important in life. Even though I can declare confidently that I have acquired many of these fundamental capacities, the study of merchant princes' success stories has taught me that I must cultivate an attitude promoting research independence, leadership and a team spirit. With the aid of the world-class program offered by your Business School, I can not fail.

      I have deeply engraved in my memory the historic moment when the famous American President, Franklin Roosevelt, announced America's participation in World War II. I am overwhelmed by his brilliant decision and pine for becoming a person of consequence who can control not only his own fate but also inspire many others to fulfill their own destiny. The reason that I have chosen Business Planning Management is that I am fond of giving counsel and enjoy the challenge of devising strategies within a command objective.

      Besides my efforts to solidify my skills in my chosen field, I have also found many sources of learning and improvement in books, lectures and symposiums. I have attempted to integrate theory with practice during several of my internships. Among the examples I could site would be my experiences at DTZ Debenham Tie Leung. This international real estate advisor with offices in forty six countries allowed me to practice my skills and to incorporate my knowledge in many areas toward the discipline of market research and analysis. During this experience, when compiling questionnaires, I had to design and develop mechanisms that allowed the surveys to be not only comprehensible to the respondent, but a pleasant experience as well. I had to make sure that the wording of the questions was straightforward and unambiguous.

      As to the content of the questionnaires, I employed my professional knowledge and wide-ranging experience skillfully and strategically in order for the surveys to be congruent with the purpose of the investigation. In addition, I exploited the methodologies I had learnt flexibly and adopted suitable ways and means when dealing with individual questions. For example, I chose Likert scale method to measure consumers' attitude toward a particular building and to measure their personal preferences.

      Furthermore, when working on the layout of the questionnaires, I considered whether or not the whole content was substantive and straightforward. Further, I considered whether or not the format was clearly written and finely divided; whether or not the manner of the question was appropriate, and whether or not the questions fit the psychological profile of the interviewee. Finally, I addressed the issue of executive charisma. I needed to be able to identify potential interviewees quickly and accurately, interact with them effectively and efficiently, adapt quickly to different types of individuals, persuade the interviewee of the efficacy of my research, and insure that the responses would have statistical validity.

      During this process, I learnt to incarnate and concretize abstract knowledge and concepts, and to adapt my way of thinking to accommodate the situation and individuals with whom I was dealing. By so doing, my communication skills, adaptive faculties, and psychological make-up were improved and tempered greatly. Most importantly, it reinforced my positive views about the society, the country and its people.

      In China, there are still many important questions to answer. Such questions as how to solve logistics costs in circulation enterprises, how to develop corporate culture, how small and medium-size enterprises compete with big business and foreign enterprises in terminal markets, how domestic companies consolidate resources and work out correct strategies after China's accession into WTO, need to be answered. All of these questions will be the focus of my future research interests.

      I believe an overseas education can help me broaden my outlook, acquaint myself with approaches that advanced countries adopt to treat real issues in enterprises, and will help me acquire knowledge on how to discover, analyze and solve problems. I intend to plunge into the pioneering work of discriminating methodologies beneficial to Chinese companies' development. In an excellent foreign environment, I can also get in touch with a variety of people, distinct cultures and different means of disposing matter, which, in turn, will spur me to become a well-informed and comprehensive person, and an elite talent as well.

      Moreover, I have also learnt from personal experience that America has ultramodern experimental equipments. It has a democratic, united, dynamic, stable and harmonious academic atmosphere, and direct human relations. All of these elements will help me deploy my talent in full, contact on the cutting edge of sciences, and learn the best practice trends in the world. These elements will further help me to develop into a professional who can truly accustom himself to various environments and societies.

      Unequivocally I can state that self-confidence, self-reliance and self-learning abilities are three of my virtues. With them, I easily succeeded in Western Kentucky University. I believe there is still vast scope for me to tap my potential in my chosen field. Now, at this turning point in my life, I am full of eagerness, optimism and passion. I am confident while the path to success is often scattered with obstacles and hindrances, with great effort, motivation and commitment, academic accomplishment will be well within my reach. Therefore, I aspire to catch this precious opportunity of pursuing a PhD degree at your world-famed university just as before and to realize my dream of becoming a first-class business leader so as to contribute to the company's, the nation's, and even the world's harmony and progress.


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