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翻译加修改润色申请就读美国名校博士专业的PS(Personal Statement,个人陈述)

I was born the son of a poor farmer. Because of my family's poverty, as a child I never attended kindergarten or had any toys. At that time, however, my parents didn't resign themselves to the hardscrabble farmer's life. They went to the big city to look for new opportunities. Subsequently, they succeeded by their own endeavors and hard work. A few years later, not only did my family achieve freedom from poverty, my father also owned a successful middle-scale enterprise. My parents' success taught me whoever wants to change the way things are and to alter his own fate must defy the difficulties facing him and work hard to attain his goal.

In year 2002, I enrolled in North China Electric Power University. In the meantime, during school breaks I started to help my father manage his business. This special undertaking enabled me to accumulate substantial work experience. I gradually realized I have great interest in investment and risk management. Because my father's company mainly engaged in civil engineering and focused on mechanized construction, all of its investment was in engineering and machinery. Although the company was always making profit, it was facing huge operating risks. Its investment was over-simplified and its machines' maintenance cost was too high. The machines devaluated rapidly and required high technology components.

Meanwhile, China's real estate values showed some signs of wild growth. So I spent one month digging into this issue and produced an elaborate report. In that report I tried to persuade my father to reduce his investment in engineering construction, to sell those machines that were hard to manage or making a small profit, and to invest in some fixed assets. Following my suggestions, in 2003 my father bought one commercial/apartment building and in 2004 he purchased two hotels. Soon, my insight was proven correct. Property values increased substantially. Our annual rate of return reached 10%.

In my freshman year of college, I began to trade stocks under the guidance of my uncle who is a futures broker. Because of the limitation of my funds and my ability to take risks, I only operated short term stocks and made a small profit. But, even so, I attained self-sufficiency. At the end of 2005, my uncle and I realized that China would have a huge demand for copper, that a market workers strike could cause interruption of market supply, and that funds were overweighed. We then predicted these three factors would cause the price of copper to rise precipitously.

So on December 14, 2005, we bought copper futures. And on April 29, 2006, when we sold them, their price had increased more than forty fold. But later, we incorrectly judged the super-bull market and re-invested our capital into the copper futures market. On May 11th the price of copper reached a historic peak of 8800 US dollars. After that it had a rapid setback. In the end, we lost everything. In retrospect, my small victory in stocks and my fiasco in futures helped me cultivate a level head, an attitude of taking the rough with the smooth, and a burning desire to pursue more advanced theoretical knowledge and analytical techniques in investment and risk management.

After my graduation from college, I chose to take charge of financial affairs in my father's company. In the past half year, I emphasized improving the supply and allocation of the capital chain of each of the company's projects. I adopted a variety of flexible financing themes and improved the company's overall financing capacity. As a result, our excellent financial situation finally won a valuable contract to join China Railway Wuju Group Corporation in building the No. 1 bidding section of the Shanghai No. 11 subway.

China has experienced growth by leaps and bounds for more than twenty years. In order to maintain its economy and great-leap-forward development, its mainstay must be stable and highly efficient financial development. We can foresee China 's finances will make great strides forward. Now, my father's company is switching from a simple civil/bridge construction enterprise to a diversified company involving, among other things, finance, hotels, and real estate. With these concerns in mind, I believe my future graduate education at your world-esteemed university will help me equip myself with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques with which I will be able to better serve my country and my father's company upon graduation.

Because I majored in Information Management and Information Systems, I have a solid foundation in mathematics and computer languages. After half a year's work, my experience brought home to me that if we can combine mathematical models with financial theories and can analyze quantitatively enterprise risk investment, securities and futures with the aid of computer technology, these approaches will without doubt yield results of great significance and meaning. Enlightened by this idea, I will pay special attention to consolidating my expertise in mathematics and computer science and to their application in my chosen field.

I greatly admire Georgia Tech's rigorous scholarship and outstanding academic achievement. The Quantitative and Computational Finance program's focus on the foundation of theories, models and analytical skills enables it be a pragmatic program. For these reasons, I aspire to obtain the precious opportunity to receive a top-rate education from Georgia Tech. And I am confident my future study at your world-famous program will be a major milestone in my life.



翻译加修改润色申请就读美国名校博士专业的留学推荐信(Letter of Recommendation, Letter of Reference)

Dear Professor:

I am a Ph.D. and an Associate Professor of the Finance Department of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University. My main research interests are Finance Engineering, company migration and reorganization, and related areas. In year 2001, as a visiting scholar I performed research at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern University .

Even now, I still remember my first meeting with Mr. ZZ Liu. It was in the fall of 2003. We met at a bookstore: I happened to overhear him asking the shop keeper if he had an English version of N. Gregory Mankiw's famous book, Principles of Economics. Because all of my students always chose Chinese versions of English works, his inquiry caught my attention immediately. I asked him if it was suggested by his mentor. He replied that his Economics teacher had told him that the original English version could help him better learn Economics ' pitch and marrow. Because we had common interest, we chatted for the whole afternoon. I then found he had a solid theoretical foundation in Investment and Management, and was an ambitious young man who had grand aspirations. To my surprise, both of us had studied at the same high school. So we are actually alumni. Later, we became good friends and teacher and student.

Because he has a strong interest in Finance and Investment and a great zeal for knowledge, I often supervised him in his study of books in this field. I found he has an excellent approach to self-study. Whenever he had difficulty understanding a knowledge point, he would try to resolve it himself either by self-analysis or by consulting pertinent references or articles. Often he pondered over one question for days or even weeks. Occasionally when he could not figure out a particularly knotty question for a long time, he would come to me for help. On those occasions, I was often impressed by his eloquent reasoning and complicated knowledge of topics related to his question, which often had no established answer.

Because he had an excellent family background and a smooth educational experience, I worried that he could lose himself when facing setbacks. His failure in the futures market in 2006 was almost a death blow to him. To a vigorous young man who had never experienced any of life's winds and waves, he not only had to deal with financial loss, his spirit and self-confidence had also taken a beating. But he finally overcome this difficulty, regained his strength, and made up his mind to enrich his fundamental and professional knowledge at your world-famed university.

From a Finance teacher's perspective, I am confident he has an excellent foundation in Mathematics which will be necessary for him to carry out studies in practical Finance and Investment. Because he has learned Information Management and Information system for four years, he also has a wonderful computer background. More importantly, he has had rich work experience in Investment and Risk Management so that he knows exactly what he needs to learn and to improve. After his bitter experience in the futures market, he has learned to face new challenges with mature attitude and skills. Therefore, I believe he will have a bright future in his chosen field. And I sincerely hope you can accept him, train him, and help him realize his lofty aspirations!

Yours truly,

ZZ Tang, PhD

Associate Professor,

Finance Department of Guanghua School of Management at Peking University



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